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Hey, Good Lookin’…Whatcha Got Cookin’?

Recipes, Cooking & The Kitchen… Diets can be BORING?  You bet. With ‘diet-specific’ recipes and cookbooks, you can enjoy tasty, healthy, easy to prepare and the variety you want. There are THOUSANDS of cookbooks and recipe guides out there…the 2 BIGGEST things to keep in mind are…1) The cookbook MUST be DIET-SPECIFIC ( i.e. A Read more about Hey, Good Lookin’…Whatcha Got Cookin’?[…]

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Diets Are No Good? What, are you NUTS?

  Diets To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Are No Good? Don’t get me wrong…diets are important, of course.  If you ask anyone (especially a type 2 diabetic) who says ‘I’m on a diet‘ – WHY? – the first 10 words out of their mouth will include ‘lose weight’.  Okay, good.  It’s good to have a Read more about Diets Are No Good? What, are you NUTS?[…]