April 19, 2017


Are There Foods That Cure Diabetes Naturally?

Well, if you mean by the word ‘cure’, you mean ‘reverse’ and you’re talking about Type 2 Diabetes (and not Type 1)…then YES there ARE foods that cure diabetes naturally!   You bet. With ‘diet-specific’ recipes and cookbooks, you can enjoy tasty, healthy, easy to prepare and the variety you want and at the same time reverse type 2 diabetes with natural foods.

There are THOUSANDS of cookbooks and recipe guides out there…the 2 BIGGEST things to keep in mind are…(1) The cookbook MUST be DIET-SPECIFIC ( i.e. A Low GI Cookbook for a Low GI Diet )…and (2) You don’t need hundreds of different cookbooks.  A few for snacks, summer or holiday meals, general breakfast, lunch and dinner should be fine.  You can spend a lot of money on these…so be frugal.

When it comes to foods that cure diabetes naturally – and again, we are talking REVERSE vs. cure and TYPE 2 vs. Type 1, it’s really not that difficult, but you need to remember this:  It’s not just the cooking or meal prep, but there are some cooking tips and kitchen guides to help you organize, plan, prepare and fully ENJOY the whole experience of meal prep – especially if you are adapting the diet to your family.  There’s a wealth of information here and it’s also another opportunity to share recipe ideas or questions with everyone.  Oh and FYI…if you’ve got a recipe for TASTY, LOW GI, SUGAR FREE PEANUT M&Ms, let me know!

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