November 20, 2016



How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes DIET AND Exercise!

What You MUST do To SUCCEED…But You Pick The ‘HOW’!

So you ask yourself the question, “how to reverse type 2 diabetes”?  You hear the word “diet” first, because it is probably the most important thing you can do when looking at how to reverse type 2 diabetes.  The SECOND most important part in designing YOUR program to reverse type 2 diabetes is in the exercise program you choose.  As in choosing your DIET, you also need to TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE BEGINNING ANY EXERCISE PROGRAM!

“Boy, We Could Sure Use Your Help!”

PLEASE, if you have ANY first hand, personal experience or knowledge with ANY of the diets, exercise programs, cookbooks or lifestyle products, programs or services…WOULD YOU PLEASE DROP ME A QUICK EMAIL (the email address is at the bottom of this page)?  It would be GREAT to be able to include your input as we review these items.  If you can, I’ll be sure to send you a FREE Cookbook on ANY food or meal prep item you would like…from ARTICHOKES to ZUCCHINI as my way of saying “thank you” for helping us out!

From AEROBICS to ZUMBA…‘Choose Wisely Young Skywalker’

When choosing your exercise program, keep in mind the same considerations as you did when selecting your diet.  Think about a program you are going to stick with…for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.  A note of caution here…do NOT exercise ALONE (unless it;s just for a moderate-paced walk…and maybe not even then yet!), because your heart is already at risk because of your type 2 diabetes.  Get with family member, a friend ( NOT just a dog ), personal trainer…anyone.  They can not only make your exercising more enjoyable ( encouraging you to do it more often ), but also to keep an eye on you should any health issues develop before you start to get a little stonger and healthy as part of the process.  Heck, THEY may even want to incorporate your changes into THEIR lifestyle…GOOD FOR YOU!

Body Builder or Marathon Runner?

How about neither?  You DON’T have to join a gym, hire a personal trainer, purchase all kind of machines, weights or gear, train for a marathon or get that ‘ripped’ and perfect physique (unless you want to). Sometimes, just walking 30 minutes a day everyday is a good place to start.

I asked the same question – ‘how to reverse type 2 diabetes’ – and just like you I wanted  an easier way to find the right diet programs, exercise options I could live with and more!

Well, just as I do for Diet Programs, I will do a comparative, pros & cons review of as many exercise programs as possible. I will not recommend any one single program to you, but I will REVIEW and COMPARE as many programs as I can to give you the information you need to choose an exercise program that you will be able to not only enjoy and stick with for the rest of your life, but to help you achieve actual, TRUE physical fitness – WITHOUT injury or actual harm to your body.  If you have a particular experience with any of the programs listed, your input is HIGHLY welcome and encouraged…so please share!

How This Works!

The rating simple is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory.  Pros and Cons are detailed.  Comparative ratings across common categories are also presented. Links to additional information, program website, books or videos are provided at the ‘Learn More’ button.

These are not recommendations to purchase.  There are no solicitations or offers to buy or sell.  The information is being provided for YOU to review and compare, learn from and to help you decide which program, product or service is right for you in your own personal program to reverse type 2 diabetes.

We review all exercise programs / items using the same 6 criteria for comparative purposes

  • Affordability:  Is the exercise program or product affordable?  The LOWER NUMBER indicates a HIGHER COST.
  • Varied Intensity Levels:  Is the variety of intensity levels suitable for all participants of all levels of beginning fitness?  The LOWER NUMBER indicates a HIGHER LEVEL of fitness required to begin the program.  Keep in mind that many of the listed programs will have a fairly high level of intensity and suggest a moderate level of physical condition before beginning.  Please  check with you doctor first before choosing a program that may not be appropriate for your level of condition.
  • Cardio Workout:  Is there a healthy focus on cardio conditioning as part of the program?  The LOWER NUMBER indicates LESS FOCUS on cardio.
  • Strength Training:  Does the program or product have a healthy focus on strength conditioning?  The LOWER NUMBER indicates LESS FOCUS on strength training.
  • Whole Body Focus:  Is the premise of the program or product to provide a “whole body”  fitness focus throughout ?  The LOWER NUMBER indicates LESS FOCUS on a whole body approach and is one-dimensional.
  • Pros & Cons:  A quick simple look at the main considerations, taking into considerations both “pro” and “con” with the fitness program or product.
  • Guarantee Period:  All rated plans must offer a full 100% money-back guarantee for a MINIMUM of 14 days / 2 weeks.  The length of the guarantee period will be listed in the “Pros and Cons” section.
  • Company provided media:  Will be included to give an introduction to premise and foundation of plan focus.
  • Not All Exercise / Workout Programs Have Yet Been Reviewed or Rated.  We get a lot of input from folks about checking out certain programs that they have personal experience with.  We will try to review them as  quickly as possible, but in the meantime, still wanted you to have access to exercise programs others claim to have had much success with.
  • All listings are in ALPHABETICAL ORDER.  No preference is considered in placement.
  • It is planned that new products, programs and services will be added and reviewed weekly. 

    NOTE: Before beginning any exercise or weight loss program, you MUST speak with your doctor or medical professional.  I won’t be responsible for any injury to any degree…but just so you understand, you are welcome to read the legal stuff at the top of the page for more boring but critically important information that covers my butt.

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