Reverse Type 2 Diabetes In 30 Days Program

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes In 30 Days Program



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              In 2012, 29.1 million Americans had Diabetes. Another 86 million were pre-diabetic. That means that one in three Americans were either diabetic or prediabetic (and that number is only growing). Diabetes has now been ranked the 5th leading cause of death in the U.S.

              Even more alarming is the fact that 35% of Americans are obese and another 34% overweight. There is a very close correlation between body fat and Diabetes, Hypertension, high Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Stroke, certain Cancers, physical disability and many more ailments.

              How did it come to this?

              The main reason for obesity and diabetes becomes unprecedented epidemics is a combination of two things – a flawed dietary recommendation from the USDA over the last few decades and a primarily medication based strategy from the medical community.

              But people say that Diabetes is progressive and irreversible. What can I do?

              For people with Type 2 Diabetes, there is an easy solution. By fine tuning your diet, you can start seeing remarkable results within a matter of 2-3 weeks. Type 1 Diabetics should also be able to cut down their medication significantly.

              Unlike most diet strategies that talk about low-carb diets to control blood sugar levels, the diet strategy outlined in this book employs a high carb approach that will not just control, but reverse your type 2 Diabetes. For type 1 diabetics and people with other obesity related ailments, these strategies will lead to sustained long-term weight loss and an overall improvement in health.

              In this program you can learn:

              – Learn how to get your fasting blood glucose to a normal range in just 15 days
              – Start seeing amazing results for yourself within 2-3 weeks
              – Learn how you can reduce or eliminate your dependency on medications
              – Follow an LCHF / KETO  diet plan that leads to sustained weight loss
              – Get your Diabetes, weight issues, blood pressure, cholesterol and other ailments under control

              The Details…

              If you’re tired of all the lies and half-truths about type 2 diabetes, you’ve come to the right place. You really can get off the diabetes diet rollercoaster, off the drugs, and experience perfect blood sugar naturally.

              Picture this. You go to the doctor’s office for a routine visit and the doctor casually says to you that you now have diabetes type 2. You’re terrified because you’ve heard all the possible complications including blindness, amputations, and death.  Your doctor quickly writes you a prescription and sends you on your way faster than Clark Kent changing into Superman in a telephone booth.

              You probably received less information than you did for your last sinus infection. When you get home, you jump online and look at the long list of side effects for the medicine you’ve just been prescribed.  It scares the be-Jesus out of you!

              I’m not bashing doctors. They’re usually pretty good and caring. Because of my work in the industry, I’m friends with many excellent ones.  But the problem with the health care industry is they don’t have time for you. They need to get you in and out the door in your allotted 8 minutes for the next person on the conveyer belt.

              They can’t provide you a blueprint for getting you off the drugs or experiencing perfect blood sugar…because they simply don’t have time to provide you with a customized solution.  Your Body Is Unique – And You Can Experience a Perfect Solution That Works For You And Fits Your Lifestyle.

              You’re Unique. Each Of Us Is Affected Differently By Diabetes

              Unlike other diseases, you can control diabetes based on the things you put in your mouth.  But each of us is affected differently by diabetes.

              So if you eat one type of food, it may hit your bloodstream and pack quite a punch. While for someone else it might not hit as hard.  While diabetes is a disease, it is still a symptom of something gone wrong in your body and we must begin asking WHAT and WHY?

              According to the glycemic index, brown rice actually causes your blood sugar to spike faster than white rice. A refined food. So much for that theory.  How about fruit? Some diets tell you to eat as much fruit as you want. Yet, for some people sweet fruit can cause as rapid of a blood sugar spike as a candy bar.  Depending on your body’s unique chemistry, a pineapple could be one of the most dangerous poisons you put in your body.

              But those popular diets never realize just how vital this is to your long-term health.

              The simple fact is…Your body is unique. What works for Joe Blow down the street may not be right for you. And what today’s “diet guru” says worked for him could be literally life threatening for others listening to him.  So it’s time to stop the music… And there is now a breakthrough so simple that cuts through all the hype, and reveals a customized plan for you…and you’ll be SHOCKED no one has ever shown it to you before.


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